Saturday, March 26, 2011

this is it

Saturday morning, 6:49 a.m. Charlie, wailing from his bedroom down the hall. His nose is audibly stuffy. He's hungry.

Sometimes, I try to remember what life was like before diaper changes, or Saturday morning wake-up calls, or Cheerios crunched underfoot for the millionth time.

And then... oh yeah.

It was life without baby kisses.
There were no chubby bellies to tickle, or fat baby feet to smush.
There weren't any trucks, or balls, or blocks to trip over.
Things were easier. {which, in our case, means that we were more selfish, and less creative.}
We had more money...
But now, life is richer.


By the way... take a look at this Etsy seller.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, right?

Her watercolors make me wish that I could paint with watercolors, too. But my dear cousin Michelle, artist extraordinaire, has already tried to teach me. It ended rather miserably. Thus, I'll be buying prints like the one below, instead of painting them :)

Photo credit: Katie Daisy of The Wheatfield,

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