Friday, March 25, 2011


Lent was never really emphasized in my family or my church when I was growing up. I pieced together a superficial understanding of what it was all about from little observances: gray smudges on foreheads, my grandma eating fish on Fridays, relatives stuffing their faces full of chocolate on Easter Sunday.

In high school and college, Lent became a comfort to me. I drew closer to God by giving up television, or committing to pray for so many minutes every day, or whatever. I didn't do it because I had to -- my faith didn't dictate a set of rules that I was required to follow -- but instead, I did it because I wanted to. I wanted to draw nearer to God.

Now, Lent has evolved into a time of preparation for me {which, of course, is what it should have been all along}. It might sound silly {or not?}, but in years past, I've never really prepared my heart for Easter. We'd go to church on Good Friday, somberly, quietly... and come back on Sunday for the grand slam -- Easter lilies, orchestral arrangements, and Christ risen from the dead. Sunday morning was followed by Sunday afternoon: glazed ham, mashed potatoes, and too many Cadbury eggs.

This year, however, I'm getting ready. I haven't "given up" anything. Instead, I'm reading through Elyse Fitzpatrick's Comforts from the Cross. Every day, I've been pointed toward the incredible truth of the gospel: that Jesus loves me, that He died for me, and that the Law no longer applies to me. It's Christianity in its most basic form, and its refreshing to my soul. No more "doing." Just "being."

So, in other words... happy Lent :)

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