Monday, September 21, 2009


Quick question: do you have any thoughts on Twitter (good or bad)?

I used to swear it off, because it seemed so narcissistic. Why broadcast to the world what YOU are doing, as if the world revolves around you? Newsflash: it doesn't...

But I also realize that it's an incredible networking tool, a way to keep people up-to-date on what you're working on, and an avenue for sharing ideas, brainstorming, etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be all about you. (i.e., "Eating a PB&J for lunch. I am so cool." Awesome. :)

Looking for some feedback here... some of my favorite people are on Twitter, and others think it's the devil of all Internet inventions. Which side of the fence are you on?


Anonymous said...

I think if you have a facebook, that pretty much takes care of the networking necessity. Just a thought though.

Chick Hatchers said...

I signed up when a blogger I follow had a life-threatening situation with her son. She was giving frequent updates on Twitter and it helped those of us praying be able to pray specifically. Of course, God doesn't need for us to have Twitter. He knows those needs and our hearts and our prayers without us having those moment by moment details. But it did help us know what was happening and it helped her get it out. Now I rarely log in to Twitter. I have felt as you have, pretty much.

Rochelle said...

It's useless if you don't have people already on there that love it/use it and you want to keep up with them. I'm like the Chick Hatchers lady...I signed up a) because a blogger friend with a son who had a heart issue was giving frequent updates on Twitter about his condition and how to pray for them (we are likely talking about the same person although I'm not certain), b) my pastor went on sabbatical this summer and it was the best way to keep up with him, and c) my favorite music band is on there and I love keeping up with them.

It makes the most sense for people like Brian G and James K who can link their iPhones and have apps that make it easy to make one update and it posts to both Twitter and Facebook at one time. For someone like me, it's not as great and I don't post updates altogether too often. But when I feel like venting, it's much better than Facebook! Even though it allows fewer words, you can keep it going on and on and who cares. I only have 20 followers and I don't care. My main purpose is still to keep better tabs on some of those I most care about.

I love Facebook. Not a huge Twitter fan, but I don't hate it. It takes some getting used to. But if you know people on there, it's worthwhile. No one says you ever have to post a thing if you don't want to. You'll get the groove of it once you sign up. And if I'm a betting person even though I'm totally not I'd bet you sign up sometime before the end of the year.

You know, after you are done with cat poo, raccoon poo, ripping out floors, putting in doors, making rooms, decorating, prepping for baby, etc. Yeah, once you kind of have your life back.

;) And you never know, Twitter might be the perfect place for you to just leave random posts about how you are feeling pregnancy-wise cuz you know it's not necessarily something you want a gabillion peeps on Facebook to hear about. It can be kind of invigorating to talk as if someone cares about it even if it means no one is actually listening. One feels much better after venting to nobody. It does a mind good. :)