Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A much-needed update, hmm?


It's been how many days without a post from me? I've got a few legitimate reasons for my absence, if you care to hear them:

1. Last week, we moved out of our apartment and into "transitional housing" (a.k.a., my parent's house), until our currently unlivable and recently purchased abode decides to make itself more people-friendly (see here). This will hopefully happen within the next two months. Or else I will have a conniption, I think.
2. Our computer is currently out of order. As in, not plugged in. As in, no photo editing for me until it's back up and running.
3. Not only is our computer down for the count, so are the rest of our belongings. They're scattered about my poor parent's basement. (No kidding. Yesterday morning, I couldn't find a pair of pants to wear to work. le sigh.)
4. I am 19 weeks pregnant. And extremely tired. And slightly emotional...


However, I can't complain. Life is very, very good. Want to hear a few reasons why?

1. Both my family, Marty's family, and our church family have been absolutely amazing. I can't count the many, many ways that they have helped and supported us as we've taken on this huge house project. (For example, Marty's dad spends his days on hands and knees, ripping up boards and installing new subfloors. My dad has redone all the plumbing in the entire house. My little brother mowed our front yard. My mom helped me clean our apartment. Incredible.)
2. The little guy (or girl) inside me started kicking last week. Seriously, it rocked our world when I felt it for the first time. Marty put his head on my stomach, and baby kicked him right in the ear. Amazing :)
3. We own a house. We're not living in it, but we. own. a. house. I get to pick out my own kitchen cabinets! I dream about paint colors! I'm reupholstering furniture to coordinate with the walls and floors! Seriously, I cannot complain.
4. More photoshoots and weddings are coming up, including two shoots this weekend!
5. We've acquired a new bedmate (much to my delight, and Marty's chagrin):

So, friends and neighbors, there you have it. Our life is chaotic and messy and an absolute whirlwind of craziness. Will you bear with me as we work through this? I'm hoping to be back to regular posting within the next few days. Thanks for your patience :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat a giant burrito (hellooo baby-bump cravings!).


Rochelle said...

Heehee, I love it! Thanks for the update. :) Even though I knew most of this, it was really fun to read it too. Your blog posts are always so encouraging and upbeat, even when you are tired and worn down!

And seriously, way too funny that baby kicked daddy's ear! It's gotta be a boy...Monica's baby was just as feisty. ;)

Erin_Speziale said...

HAHA!!!!!!! Sherah! In the past I've always loved reading your blog, seriously, the entire time I'm reading it I'm smiling, but now that I'm gone I appreciate and love it about 1,000x more! It gives me a little taste of home :) There's SO much going on! Thanks for posting today, (or yesterday...) that made my day :)

Edward said...

Sugar is Soooooooooo! CUTE!

alyssa writes loudly said...

aww char, that's exciting. hard but definitely i'm so excited for you!

love you!