Thursday, September 24, 2009

{5} things I love.

At this very moment, I'm dreaming about...

Kolo Travel Journals:

This blog (hello, fellow DIY renovators!):

My journaling Bible (great for chronic note takers like myself):

This color scheme (from the now vanished

And this photo (taken right before we left Hawaii, a year and a half ago):

{Marty and I are currently scheming up one last vacation before Baby G makes an appearance. I'm excited, even though (1) we won't be going anywhere nearly as exotic as Hawaii, and (2) my figure this time around will resemble the shape of a large watermelon...}

Happy Thursday! :)


marcia tumminaro said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE the "young house love" blog!!! it is an amazing place for do-it-yourself inspiration!!!! and speaking of diy, i gotta say i'm so impressed at how you and marty took on such a HUGE project for your first house. i have no doubt that it's going to end up looking FABULOUS!!!

CZ said...

Greenville, IL makes a nice vacation location! Also, I know of a free guest bedroom there! :)