Tuesday, September 22, 2009

studio beginnings...

Some of you might be wondering about the status of our humble home. I've avoided talking about it much on the blog, because (1) it's a slow, ongoing renovation process that gets a bit repetitive at times {i.e., "Monday - installed conduit. Tuesday - installed subfloors. Wednesday - installed more conduit. Thursday - installed more subfloors. etc. etc. etc.}, and (2) let's be honest--I haven't talked about much of anything around here lately.

{Note to self: blogging lags when you're living out of a 10x12 bedroom, half of your belongings are who-knows-where, and your computer monitor decides to fry on you--right after you shot three sessions that desperately need editing, and your tech guy/husband is busy ripping a house apart.}

BUT, I have something quite exciting, and house-related, that I really want to share with you. Introducing... my new studio space:

Impressive... maybe? {You're probably wondering where the walls are. Or the floors, for that matter...} But hold on. A bit of background information might help.

Our new house has a teeny-tiny room right off the kitchen. It's too small for a bedroom, the dimensions are too weird for us to open it up as part of the kitchen, and there was a strange pantry-like closet in the back of the room that I already had Marty rip out.

Here's the basic room layout (click on the picture for a better look):

And here are a few pictures I'm basing the design off of:

{built-in bookshelves, because I'm a book-junkie. Also, love the green!}

{as much natural light as I can possibly let in, plus lots of white accents}

{recovering a comfy couch I grabbed at a warehouse sale with some snazzy white canvas}

Paint colors and other details are still TBD. Because, you know, I'm waiting until the room has walls. And um, floors and ceilings.

Until then, any suggestions on creating a functional, small studio/office space?

p.s. When I told my mom I was making myself a white couch, she laughed. A lot. {Come on, mom. Are small children messy or something?}


Rochelle said...

that is awesome! i'm so blissfully happy for you!! :) and um, i don't blame your mom for laughing about the white couch. ;) i look forward to seeing pics of it 2 years from now with your little guy causing a ruckus. hm, some crayon accents perhaps? lol.

Natalie said...

Well gosh you did say the couch was being covered in a white CANVAS. Give the kid a brush and call the mess art:) IT was planned mom, gosh, I purposely covered the couch in canvas so it would be just the perfect height for him to paint on:) You could give him that really cute green color from those curtains you like or a nice turquoise..giggle. How can we link blogs so I can visit yours often? mine is natobottoart.blogspot.com