Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday evening musings

A few things I've learned, lately (in no particular order):

1) An old computer system and a brand spanking new monitor may or may not get along well (the latter is true for me at the moment. argh.).
2) Fact: when pregnant, most people stare at your belly instead of your face when you walk by them. This can be awkward.
3) I like being around newly-engaged couples. Fresh love is contagious.
4) The $2 latte sale at Caribou is killing my wallet (and my caffeine levels).
5) Don't ever doubt a client's suggested shooting location. I did a senior session yesterday at the most unlikely place... and the pictures are gorgeous.
6) Ten o'clock is my new self-enforced bedtime.
7) It is 10:05. Thus, I am not very good at anything that's self-enforced.


Before I head to sleep, here's a sneak peek at a recent shoot we did downtown:

{See Kristen? I promise I'm working on them!}

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Chick Hatchers said...

Just wait until AFTER you have the baby and someone approaches you, staring at your post-partum belly and comments about you expecting again so soon. Yep. People do that, too! ;)

(I will admit that I was shocked that I was in labor with #1 that I was weighed. She weighed about 6.5 pounds. When I was weighed the next morning, I had lost NO weight! After the birth of a baby and placenta, no weight was gone. How can that be possible? It makes no sense. Yet it is reality for most of us.) I know you have a ways to go yet, but be sure to pack maternity clothes to come home in!