Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow day? I think not...

It's a freezing, snowy, windy Friday in Chicago, and I absolutely love it. I wish it would snow for days. Everyone would panic, the roads would shut down, and Marty and I could sit at home by the fireplace; I'd edit pictures and read books, and Marty would make cups of hot chocolate and sing Jack Johnson songs to me with his guitar, all day long.

(My mom sometimes tells me that I'm delusional. She's probably right.)

Instead of the predicted eight inches of snow... we got one.


I'm told more is on it's way tonight. Not sure if Chicagoland can handle a whole, whopping two more inches of the fluffy white stuff... Regardless, hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start! And if you've got a fellow crooning to you about banana pancakes, all the better ;)

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Rochelle said...

You're so cute - I love it! :) Yeah, this is one whopper of a weird system. If you look at hour by hour forecase, it's sooo weird... it comes and goes. It shifted north of Chicago for now, but from 4-6 will come back 7 disappear, 8-9 come back, 10 disappear... and on it goes. I agree though, at some point this season I too am ready for a couple days of snow... so long as I'm safe at home it'd be fun! Hope you're having a great day and can find ways to snuggle and enjoy the snow and chill in the air this weekend, even if it's not quite as expected. ;)