Tuesday, January 13, 2009

inspiration hour

It usually happens between 10 and 11, every morning.

I'm sitting at my desk, sipping tea and working on a project. It's peaceful and quiet. My space heater whirrs in the background.

And then, my mind starts to dance.

These are my moments of inspiration: here, somewhere between 10 and 11am, every morning. This is when I feel that I can conquer the world. This is when I scribble to-do lists on post-it notes.

This is when I brainstorm:
what to do this weekend?
what to do for vacation next fall?
what to do for mom's birthday gift?
what to do about the blank living room wall?
what should I read next?
how can I surprise my husband today?
what's next for me in photography?
what relationships do I need to work on?

As I work, I think. I scribble. I dream.

Sometimes I call Marty and tell him my newly-hatched plans for the future. He's usually working with high voltage or has his head inside a giant machine, so he "mmhmm's" me, and promises we'll talk it over tonight. I hang up, content, and scribble some more.

Somewhere around 11am, my thoughts slow down. I get hungry. I keep working.

That 10-to-11am hour is my 60 minutes of inspiration for the day.

When are you most inspired?


Rochelle said...

Awesome picture! I think I'm at my best about 3-4 pm when I'm past that "after lunch slug" and my mind starts whirring... preparing to leave the office and scribbling groceries or errands down, or all the things I need to do when I get home, or my to do list about birthdays and what not too. :)

Georgia B. said...

how funny. i'm telling Justin that you were day dreaming instead of working! :)
just kidding. i do the same sometimes.
but i find my most inspirational time is in the middle of the night when i can't sleep.
i either lay awake worrying (like last night)—not good.
or, i lay awake with ideas. that is when i write the best, too.

beautiful photo—very—well, inspirational.

Erin_Speziale said...

I guess when I have an "inspiration hour" it's always at night, riiiight when I'm trying to sleep. But the problem is, I am SO bad at journaling so I usually forget my ideas by the time I wake up. :P I'm going to try to tell my brain to start the inspiration when I wake up ;)

Sweet picture Sherah! (Duhh! As always!)

Sarah Stride said...

Hi Sherah!
I wanted to let you know that I've been visiting and very much enjoying your blog. This post seemed appropriate for my first comment. I love the little snippet into your daydream!

I, too am a morning day dreamer--usually the 9:00 hour. More often than I like it happens at night while I'm trying to fall asleep.

Love the photo -- I need the inspiration for my own home redecorating adventures that are underway!

Sherah said...

Thanks for the friendly comments! Interesting: two or three night owls, a morning person, and an afternoon dreamer. I like diversity :)

The photo was taken in a church, during a very, very long ceremony. I needed a distraction!