Saturday, January 17, 2009

I heart Blogs

Since it's the weekend (the perfect time for "blog-spelunking"), I thought I'd write a quick post about a few of the blogs that I visit, so that you can be similarly inspired :)

Jasmine Star (hilarious, with smashing photography to boot)
Becker's Blog (wish I knew my camera as well as he does)
Justin and Mary (pure cuteness, in photographic form)
Marcia (you've heard about her before! Groovylicious images!)
DPS (a great resource; I love searching through their archives)
Shootsac Blog (My Shootsac makes me happy.)
Nakai Photography (I met Kenny at a photography seminar. Cool guy; cool blog.)

The Bolsa Chica (Buy a bag from Monica's Etsy shop. You'll love it!)
Belles Lettres Designs (Katie is beautifully, ridiculously talented...)
Jorjah-B (I go here for inspiration, and here, too. Haven't been disappointed yet.)
SouleMama (One word: peaceful.)
A Cup of Jo (entertainingly inspiring! I think I found this through Georgia's blog.)

Joy [blogs] to the World (Joy writes. Really well. Post more often, Joy!!)
6YearMed (It's like a kiss on the cheek and a punch in the stomach, every time you visit. And I mean that in the best way possible...)
Boundless (yay!)
Purple Cellar (Lydia shares good stuff about biblical womanhood and the like.)
22 Words (thoughtful, concise, thought-provoking. All posts are exactly 22 words long.)

Rochelle (Makes me giggle! Also, Roe gives interesting, thoughtful insight on living with fibromyalgia.)
Hobie and Gobie (My cutie patutie second-cousin-once-removed... the blog is named after her two imaginary friends!)
Amy's Humble Musings (She cracks me up.)
A Year of Crockpotting (Stephanie rocks the crockpot like nobody's business. I'm dying to try the crockpot cheesecake recipe...)

Is there a blog or two that you think I should know about? Leave it in the comments; I'd love to hear about it!

*Photo courtesy of this blog.


Georgia B. said...

this is a great post, Sherah. (and i would say it even if you didn't mention my blogs.) :)

thank you for the links to other blogs. i look forward to checking them out.

thanks for mentioning mine and saying nice things. you made my day. :)

btw, your blog is an inspiration as well! and it just gets better with every new post! (love the photo!)

Rochelle said...

girl, I just love you and love your blog! thanks for sharing these links and saying such nice things about so many people (including me :)). you're the bestest!!

Rochelle said...

Here are a few others I think you might like -


Katie Newman said...

I guess I'm a little behind on my blog-looking :) I just caught up on yours.

I love the winter photos, they make me WANT to go outside, haha.

Here's my newest/good blog find!

marcia tumminaro said...

i love sharing blogs! i'm a total blog-aholic, too!

these are some that inspire me most:

p.s. thanks for adding me to your list!!! and for saying my images are groovylicious!! : )