Monday, January 5, 2009


2009 already?

I took an on-again, off-again break from the blogging world over the holidays, but now I'm back, recharged and ready to go! (Due to one of the oh-so-cliche new year's resolutions that Marty and I have embraced, we actually got to the gym this morning, at the crack of dawn. Remind me again why excercise is important?)

I'm attempting to catch up on some blog-reading, after spending a bit of time reading actual books during the last few weeks: this, this, and this. My "to-read" list for 2009 is growing longer by the minute. I'm intrigued by The Poisonwood Bible, and I really, really want to delve into the works of C. S. Lewis. Also on the list? Lots of poetry, including Billy Collins: one of my favorite college profs would open his classes by reading a few stanzas from Sailing Alone..., and I've meant to get my hands on a copy ever since.

Speaking of recharching, Marty and I took a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend, to plan for the coming year and do a bit of sightseeing (photos to come). I always say I'm from Chicago, but it's amazing how few times a year we actually make it into the city...

I snapped this one at sunset; if you're at all familiar with photography hot-spots in the Windy City, you should be able to guess where this was taken:

Happy New Year!!


Rochelle said...

That is one of my favorite spots in Chicago, thanks for capturing this pic! :)

Also, what did you think of Crazy Love? Our pastor is recommending we all read it. I'd love to also get your opinion. I haven't bought it yet, but am interested.

Sherah said...

Roe, I haven't finished Crazy Love, but I really, really like it. It makes me feel terribly uncomfortable with where I'm at, and at the same time I'm inspired to go so much deeper... good stuff!

(P.S. Come back to work. We miss you!)