Tuesday, August 26, 2008

homebuying woes

Marty and I are in the "almost" stage of the homebuying process. In other words, we're almost there in terms of savings/income/etc.... but not quite. So when a pretty little abode comes along, I resign myself to the fact that even though it's absolutely perfect, it's just not the best timing.

Case in point:

*photo courtesy of Coldwell Banker :)

This cutie-patutie is very much in our price range. It's in a great neighborhood. There's a huge yard. Wood floors. Big front porch. Vintage trim. *Cue dreamy violin music.*

Ironically, it's listed as a possible teardown on the realtor's website. Phhfst! That snide remark doesn't scare us. This pretty baby just needs a little TLC to get her going.

Ah. So yes. Before I act like we've already bought the house... we haven't. And we won't. Unless this lovely lady is still on the market in another 6 months or so, I'll have to let her go. I'll stop referring to the house as a person, and instead tell myself that it probably had termites, or bad wiring, or terrible plumbing, or cranky neighbors, or mice, or lots of spiders... yes. Lots of spiders.

If only I could convince myself that it's true ;)

p.s. We drove by it last night, and then Marty bought me an oreo blizzard as a consolation prize. Ice cream fixes everything!

**UPDATE** My real-estate-savvy aunt just informed me that "TLC" stands for "Tons of Loose Cash." Haha!! Duly noted!

**UPDATE #2** Apparently, the picture has disappeared because... the house sold. And they didn't sell it to me. Boo.

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