Monday, August 4, 2008

: Jori and John :

Check out these shots from my beautiful cousin's wedding last weekend...

Cute kids are always a wedding's cherry-on-the-top :) Quick story: the ring-bearer and flower-girl were brother and sister. The flower girl was pretty nervous (understandable!), and completely forgot to drop her flower petals on the way down the aisle... so during the recessional, her sweet brother tried to lend a hand by taking petals from her basket and scattering them across the aisle. Too cute! Here's a picture of the little man:

Details from the sand ceremony...

John seemed a little nervous, but as soon as he saw his happy bride walking down the aisle, it was like the tension melted away :)

Jori's dress was incredible...

And probably my favorite shot of the day:

They actually had two first dances: Jori picked the first, and John picked the second... and each didn't know what the other had picked beforehand. So cute :)

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