Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We waited so long that when it finally came, I could hear Etta James crooning away in the back of my mind: "Aaaaaat laaaaaaaaast....."

It's here! Our new baby, the Canon 40D! I waited for Marty to get off work, so he could open it with me. It was like Christmas morning. Our first peek at the camera strap ("oooooh"), pulling back the styrofoam to reveal our shiny zoom lens ("eeeeeek!"), hefting the camera body out of its box ("it's huge!"), popping the air packs ("STOP IT MARTY!").

After wrapping it in bubble wrap and ziplock bags (yes, we are paranoid), we took it down to Chicago for some hardcore testing. Here are some of the results (no photoshop here, folks!):

My adorable sister, workin' the camera...

He looks happy that I interrupted his blissful sunbathing, right?

Here's Edward-o, matching the sky quite nicely.

My favorite candid of the day: two little guys, waiting for the cold waves of Lake Michigan to break over the concrete. They're braver than me!

To test the shutter speed on this baby, I asked my sis to show off some of her crazy dance moves. Here's my favorite:

And finally...

I think she has a future in theater :)

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Edwardo Baumgarten said...

It looks like she eats soooo much with that moulth