Saturday, August 9, 2008

: Chris and Katie :

Katie is my cousin. We grew up together, learned math together, watched Sesame Street together, played softball together, had birthday parties together... you get the idea. Her wedding was a serious whirlwind of planning and execution, and Marty and I had a lot of fun covering this special day! Chris is one lucky guy, and Katie was one beautiful bride...

This wedding was dear to my heart :)

Katie use to work for Clinique, so she did all her own makeup... gorgeous!

The "ahhhh" moment...

Ohh buddy. Remember how much I like cute kids? Allow me to introduce you to two of my favorites!

We skipped over to a nearby park after the wedding, to try and grab some afternoon sunlight.

One more thing: For the record, if you're ever pushing an ice cream cart through a busy park on a hot summer day, and you see a bride and groom walking by, all decked out and smiling, give them an ice cream cone!! You'll make their day, and it will make you look like a nice person. I'm just saying... ;)

Chris and Katie: we love you!! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding.