Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Matt and Liz : Married!

Less than two weeks ago, my brother-in-law Matt got married to the greatest girl in the world, Liz! It's a huge privilege to take wedding photos in the first place, but it's even more special when I'm shooting a family member's wedding: you're awwwing and ooooing and baaawling behind the camera as the wedding day unfolds right before your eyes. There's nothing like seeing your brother marry the girl of his dreams :)

Matt and Liz got married in Peoria, Illinois; their reception was at the Gateway Building, right downtown on the river. A photographer's dream, basically... Anna {my sister} was my second shooter, and I know I can speak for her when I say that we loved every single minute of this wedding day! {And trust me, that's really saying something, since we shot pictures for about sixteen hours, haha!}

***To see a slideshow of the wedding day, click here!***

Ok now, want to see the pictures already? Here are some of my favorites :)

Before the ceremony, a first look:

I love this one -- when Liz's dad saw her for the first time:

And then, it's go-time :)

Mr. and Mrs.!

{Also, I should probably mention that their limo was a stretch Escalade -- a 20-seater, complete with a 460-channel satellite T.V. dish, Playstation3, something like 6 flatscreen TV's, a lazer light show, a fog machine, shag carpeting... haha! It was totally amazing!}

Beautiful bride, handsome groom!

If I had to pick a shot for a canvas to hang above their couch, this would definitely be it ;)

Introducing... their awesome wedding party!

Anna stuck with the guys during the morning, so all of the shots below are hers... as I was going through the shots for the first edit, I kept coming across these ridiculous poses. These aren't even all of them, but here's a taste :D

Reception details {note the U of I table!}:

First Dance dip!

Do these two look familiar? :)

And finally..
for their getaway, they walked to their hotel. Perfect? Yes. And, I couldn't resist...


Rochelle said...

WOW!!!!! Seriously had no idea you were doing this, sooo neat! The wedding I planned for my best guy friend from high school, and the one that Tim was the videographer for and sound guy at reception site, was on April 16th in PEORIA and their reception was at the Gateway Bldg!! So this totally looks familiar, SO fun!!

You guys got some really amazing pictures! You absolutely awe me girlie! Whoaaa that limo sounds awesome! I agree with you about the picture for above the couch. :) And wow, Anna, those guy poses are hysterical! You guys both totally rock. And for realz, Marty's bro looks a lot like him! Amazing.

Lexie G said...

Sherah! (and Anna, if you check this out too),

You are amazing! The two of you take amazing pictures! Jo-Jo and I have been checking your blog daily to see when the magical pictures were going to debut. They are STUNNING!!!! :)


Sherah said...

Roe -- you're so sweet! Sorry, I guess I was out of touch with the world these past few weeks ;) So cool that you guys were just there in April! And yep, the brothers definitely look alike :)

Alex -- Haha! You're hilarious! Thanks so much -- I'm putting up an online gallery, so the pics of you and your fam will be up there. If you don't get a link from Matt and Liz, let me know and I'll get it for you :)

Anonymous said...

Sherah thank you!!!! You managed to outdo yourself!! I can't stop watching it! When I last time.. I find myself then reliving Chris and Kevin's wedding... then the engagement videos...then back to Liz and last time...
I am so lucky...and honored to call you daughter... I love you sweetie!

Lexie G said...

Thanks Sherah, I can't wait to see the family pics! :)