Saturday, September 18, 2010

: Christine and Kevin :

Marty and I had SUCH a great time shooting this wedding! Like I said in my last post, Christine is Marty's cousin {their families go way, waaay back}, and so about a year ago, when Chris and Kevin asked us to shoot their wedding, we were totally excited... but we had no idea what to expect {as in, how would life be with a 7-month-old? flying in an airplane? getting our gear to Massachusetts? logistics? Bueller?! ha!}. But, I'm so stinkin' glad we got to do it!

Chris and Kevin are such an awesome couple; they're both really fun, really happy, really {really} competitive, and really {um, reallyreally} stinkin' smart {as in, I'm pretty sure I was surrounded by doctors all weekend long. this little English major felt a tad bit in over her head!}. The day before the wedding was a little crazy {since Hurricane Earl gave Chris a couple of heart-attacks...}, but the wedding day was sun-shiney-gorgeous! Everyone made it there on time, and everything went off without a hitch... besides a big gust of wind that made the cutsie flower girl panic :)

First look... Kevin's reaction was the best... he just scooped her right up :)

Beautiful bride!

Good-looking groom :)

See the way he looks at her? Yep. He adores her.

Alrighty. As far as first-kisses go, I give theirs a big fat TEN. Definitely had time to take about twenty shots {all different, recomposed. as in, i had plenty of time to move my camera all around... and they kept going}! WELL DONE ;)


Here's their awesome bridal party... their dear friend was the officiant, and did such a great job... and the speeches were so sweet and hilarious! What a blessing, to be surrounded by such an special group of family and friends on your wedding day :)

Mr. & Mrs.!

Aaaand the reception... these people knew how to dance ;)

{****click here for the slideshow!****}

p.s. a few side notes:
1. editing a wedding is fun. and hard. and harder with a 7-month-old. i will now go to sleep for a month.
2. in the slideshow, i got the wedding party "jump" shot idea from the very talented Beth Laurren ( please go check out her blog--she's amazing!
3. i heart chris and kevin's families. they are such wonderful, hospitable people, and i'm a little sad that most of them live 3,000 miles away.
4. i won't ever shoot a wedding without Marty. he's the only one who would put up with me calling him "bag boy" and taking the better lenses all the time. seriously, i couldn't do it without him. he is incredible.

the end :)


Rochelle said...

Beauuutiful Sher! These are excellent pics! :) Indeed Marty is a perfect mate and photographer for you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous char, just GORGEOUS!
alyssa :0)