Wednesday, June 29, 2011

life these days...

Here's a little blog post about nothing in particular,
besides what we've been up to these past few days.

the pictures look different because
1. We're making the switch from PC to mac;
2. I'm a ninny.
Your patience is appreciated.

Charlie is starting to do the cutest things.
The other day, he insisted on putting on one "doot" [boot]
and walking around in it.

He even gave me a little GQ pose,
thanks to a bit of post-nap bleariness.

And here's us on Father's Day, and my birthday.
Nothing like a big can of propane to ring in the summer.
I also got a haircut today -- a birthday present from my sweet brother.
It was badly needed. I think my last haircut was... um... December, maybe?
The poor fellow who cut my hair literally took one look at it
and hacked it off in one giant snip.
It was glorious.


Rochelle said...

Yay for switching to a Mac!! I LOVVEEE those pics of Cman in his boot! :) Glad you got a good snip of the hair, I'm in dire need too!

Anna said...

Completely melts my heart!