Tuesday, June 28, 2011

why i do what i do {even if there isn't much "doing" involved}

This is eternal life,
that they know you, the only true God,
and Jesus Christ
whom you have sent.
{John 17:3}

Some days, I don't get much done.
I water the plants, and they overflow all over the floor.
I sit down to get some work done,
and a wail erupts from the bedroom
where my toddler should be peacefully sleeping.
We go into the grocery store,
and then leave empty-handed,
because my one-year-old threw a fit in the dairy aisle.

I sigh,
make another pot of coffee,
and carry on.

I was talking to one of my sweet cousins at a bridal shower this past weekend,
and we agreed that, some days,
this whole deal wouldn't be worth it
if it weren't for God.

Some days, I do "this" because it's
{morning jogs, playing at the park, chatting with good friends over coffee}
{baby kisses, giggles, hugs}
{I now know more about God than I ever did before Charlie came along}

But whether it's a good day,
or a bad day
{overflowing plants
fruitless grocery store trips
unfinished work}
the only reason I do this
that really matters
is that it's all about
knowing God
and loving others

{including my one-year-old, who woke up the other day looking like this}
{and when you get that kind of look,
you know it's gonna be
quite the day}



Rochelle said...

Ohhhh {hug}! For sure, I can't imagine what this would all be like without our great God!!

georgia b. said...

i've just read every post from your most recent to this one. you really are a gifted writer! i've always been smitten with your photos. but it's your writing that has me taking notice today!

maybe it's because i relate so much more than i used to, now that i have a little one, too.

anyway, so glad i took the time to read tonight. it was refreshing and even comical. =)