Friday, November 19, 2010

giving up on perfect.

Well, I just wrote a big long post, bemoaning my inconsistencies as a blogger. And then I re-read it, thought it sounded pathetic, and deleted it. I'm over it :)

I've got some plans for this little blog. Nothing crazy or earth-shattering. Just a few ideas for some more, er, consistency over here.

But not just yet. First, we're off on a trip to Minnesota to visit my little sister and her husband {remember the trip I took last year, with Mr. Charles on the inside? One year later, he's out and about... and we're embarking on a 6-hour car ride with a crawling machine who doesn't like being cooped up. this should be interesting.}

I'll let you know how it goes :)

{p.s. this photo is unedited, because my computer is running slow, and I have lots to do. hence, the title of this post.}

1 comment:

Sarah S. said...

Perfect! :)

Have a lovely trip.