Wednesday, January 20, 2010

false alarm :)

Last night, I was sure Baby was on his way.

I wasn't having contractions, but something felt different. I chalked it up to "mama's intuition," and lay in bed, waiting for something to happen. I was restless, unsettled, queasy. Something was different. This was probably it.

Fast forward to 7am this morning, when--surprise, surprise--I wake up to a quiet room and a baby that's still happily kicking from the inside. Gah. Total "motherly intuition" FAIL. But, after thinking things through in my now not-so-foggy brain, I realize that, why yes, I did have two cups of very caffeinated coffee around nine o'clock last night. And since I've been pretty good at avoiding caffeine of all kinds lately... I can definitely chalk my restless night up two my two cups of after-dinner java. Brilliant.

{The coffee was totally justifiable, by the way. It was my beautiful mom's birthday party, and since I couldn't celebrate with a glass of Merlot, alternating between coffee and pellegrino was the next best thing I could think of!}

The waiting continues... but in the meantime, here's a quick shot from a recent wedding we did, taken just a few minutes before the bride walked down the aisle. Isn't she lovely?

Happy Wednesday!


Chick Hatchers said...
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Chick Hatchers said...

When I was almost due with my 2nd, my midwife told me to go ahead and have a glass of wine. She said that by that point, all the critical development is done and the alcohol wouldn't have a negative impact. She also said that it might help me relax enough for labor to start, if everything (baby & my body) was ready anyway. I've learned that stress and anxiety can actually stop or slow down labor. I don't remember if I had that drink or not, but I went into labor in the middle of that night!

So, unless there is some other reason to not have a glass of wine, you could probably consider it.

Allie C said...

COFFEE?!?! hahahaha you are too funny, char. HANG IN THERE!!! xoxox

Rochelle said...

hehehe, doh!

and oh my gosh i smiled so big seeing this pic of Kandy! :) :)

hang in there

Diane P said...

Damn-I was hoping for my father-in-law to be renewed in you! It still can happen, I'm sure there is a window. We just lost him a few days ago and was hoping for an early birth and possible new life in him.. ? if you you believe such things? I'm unsure if i do, but it's possible. This will go smoothly and I feel soon. Please let us know the blessed event so we can pass on congrats and what now. ...Good luck and our happiness for your new life.