Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've struggled lately with taking pictures that are in focus. It's silly, really, but I'll think I've nailed the shot, only to pull it up later in photoshop and realize my subject's face is a big, blurry mess. *sigh*

I chalked it up to inexperience. But then I got more experienced, and my images were still out of focus. What was I doing wrong?

The moment of euphoria occurred when I stopped by the eye doctor's office to pick up my new glasses. I hadn't gotten my eyes checked since I was fourteen, and I had recently been getting headaches from staring at my computer screen. I scheduled an appointment, and the doctor checked my eyes, told me my eyesight was going down the tubes, and wrote me a prescription. Nice.

So the nurse hands me my glasses. I try them on. And suddenly, the world around me is crystal clear. Sharp. Crisp. Vivid. I take them off, and it's back to fuzzy wuzzy eyesight. I can't believe how bad my eyes were, without me really realizing it.

Glasses have now become a somewhat permanent fixture on my face...

Moral of the story? If you're having trouble focusing, get your eyes checked. Duh.


CZ said...

I just noticed the pronunciation of your name on the right of your blog...cute!!! Of course, I've known you since you were born...(that makes me sound old!!!)

Sherah said...

Haha! I always get "Sheeerah," or "She-raaah," so I figured it might help :)

Erin said...

SHERAH! I bet you look so cute with glasses! Welcome to the club. :P I think a lot of people are in the position you were, like me right now. I've sat on my glasses twice, (once the lenses completely came out) so now, at this very moment their sitting askew on my face (very attractive). I've been needing to go to the eye dr for some time, because I'm quite certain my crooked glasses aren't even the right prescription... but I just don't go! But then again! How can instantly improved vision NOT be on my top priorities? AHH! See, I'm stuck in the boat you were. It's totally true you don't notice how bad your eyes are until you put glasses on! Crazy that we just don't realize that the world around us shouldn't be blurry huh? ;)
Man, your pictures before were from not-so-good-vision-Sherah? My gosh! Can't even imagine what amazing photography Sherah-with-absolutely-perfect-vision is capable of!
P.S. is it ok if I make that really pretty flower you took in the woods my background on my laptop? :)

Sherah said...

Bwahaha! Erin, you totally crack me up! And I loved the Brian Regan line (How can instantly improved vision NOT be my top priority? I have to re-organize my sock drawer today... I'll get to that tomorrow...) LOL
Yes yes, take any pictures you want and copy away! That pic is actually on my desktop, too, so we can be wallpaper twins or something :) I love you!

Erin said...

Haha! Nice work catching that quote! We totally ARE related! I didn't remember the next part of the sock drawer though.. good work! :)
Aw thanks! That picture is just so beautiful! Yes! I'm so happy we're wallpaper twins... :) Love you!