Monday, October 27, 2008

Marcia is my hero.

I can't remember how we found Marcia; I think we were randomly clicking through photographer listings on a wedding-planning website, and poof, there she was. Random as it was, it was no accident.

We chose Marcia for our wedding photographer because she was nice. She laughed. She was real. I'm living proof that clients book their photographers based on the connection they feel, not just the pictures they see (even though Marcia was obviously very talented). I heard too many stories of brides who bawled on their wedding day because of a rude, pushy photographer. No way, not happening! Marcia was the first and only photographer we met with, and I am so, so glad. Our wedding pics turned out gorgeous, and the wedding day was a breeze. An absolute fairy-tale, with no bawling bride to be seen ;)

Fast-forward to a year later. Us: happily married, and starting to delve into professional photography. Marcia: talented as ever, with a business that's growing like crazy. So when the opportunity came for us to do a photo-shoot with her, we jumped. High.

Here are just a few...

You can see the rest (and hear her side of the story) here and here. While you're over there, check out some of her other work (she just shot a killer wedding), and leave her some blog-love!!

**Marcia... Thank you for investing your time and energy into our lives in so many ways. Your generosity is contagious and your talent is inspiring. You rock my socks :)


CZ said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...both the photography and the couple!!!
I got scared when you said fast forward a year (I thought from your wedding day...) but you meant from meeting Marcia. Got it now but not without a scare of "where has the time gone?" LOL

marcia tumminaro said...

gosh, my face is so bright red right now! i just adore you guys, and it's been a blast working with you!!

Erin said...

SHERAH! YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST CUTEST COUPLE EVER! And you look so stinking gorgeous in every single picture... as usual! Your wedding pictures were absolutely stunning, however, gotta say, with you and Marty for bride and groom... not so far of a stretch. ;) It's kinda hard to make you look bad.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

these are awesome!

sorry. i'm flooding you with comments. i'm just so excited to see your blog!