Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chicago (again!)

Chicago is an amazing place to live. The gorgeous skyline, the sports teams (GO CUBS!!), the restaurants, the changing seasons (fall is in full swing!)... I could go on and on :) Anyways, I can't believe how close we live to the city, and yet we manage to get downtown maybe four times a year?! Crazy!

Here are a few pics from our recent trip in; two friends and I took a boat tour (led by another friend from church... who hooked us up with free tickets! Thanks Josh!) over the weekend:

tour guide extraordinnaire:

Marty absolutely adores sailing, so I took this one for him:

I didn't feel like lugging my 40D around with me all day, so I brought the powershot instead. Image quality isn't exactly comparable, but it has one heck of a zoom :)

And... the almost finished Trump tower!

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