Friday, October 3, 2008

Share the Love #5

You know the phrase, "You are your own worst critic"? Eh, I don't think it always applies to photographers.

Sure, sometimes you look at someone else's work, and then you look back at your own stuff, and you think, "I stink." It's inevitable (and probably untrue). No, what I'm actually talking about is this: I snap a picture and load it on to my computer. It catches my eye, so I spend five, ten, twenty minutes on it, dodging and burning and enhancing and cropping and de-saturating and on and on. Then I'm done. I look at it, and love it.

Enter good-looking husband:

Husband looks. Husband pauses. Husband says something along the lines of, "Ummm..."

After looking at one photo for an entirely too-long amount of time, I sometimes become accepting of its imperfections and choose to overlook its flaws. It takes Marty's candid reactions to put me in my place, and thus enable me to improve.

Make sure you have someone looking over your shoulder, telling you "good job" or "ummm" as they see fit. The outcome is ultimately up to you... but perspective is everything : )

Speaking of Marty... he gets all four of his wisdom teeth pulled tonight. This weekend, I'll be making banana shakes, strapping ice packs to his head, and watching a James Bond movie marathon. The things we do for love : )


marcia tumminaro said...

this is a great post, sherah...and SOOO true!!! i am definitely a culprit of looking at my work, then looking at other photographer's work...then back at mine and being extra critical! but, at times i think doing that is a good thing, because that's how we grow and become better, by constantly setting and resetting the bar for ourselves. but, you're right, there are times when we should just sit down, and appreciate our work for what it is, with all its imperfections!! well, tell marty good luck, and get well!! i've been there, and it's not exactly the most fun experience.

Sherah said...

Marcia, I'm glad you can relate!! (Considering YOUR photography is amazing...!!) Thanks for the sweet comment :) Marty's doing ok, but his cheeks are puffed up like a chipmunk :D