Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rebecca&Nate :: married!

When Rebecca e-mailed me last summer to tell me that they were relocating their wedding from Minnesota to Colorado, she told me it was because they completely fell in love with a venue they looked at -- the incredible Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, Colorado. It meant (lots) more work for her. More details to iron out. More things to plan for. But oh wow, and oh yes, it was definitely worth it.

On June 12th, Rebecca and Nate (remember them?) held their dream wedding, right outside Rocky Mountain National Park. 
The weather was perfect. 
The location = perfect.
And, much more importantly...
The bride and groom?
Absolutely perfect for each other, and perfectly in love.

Here's what Nate wrote on his blog to Rebecca, a few days after they were married:

...that day was the first of every single day for the rest of my life that I will place you as a higher priority.  You are of the utmost importance.  Everything I do, I do it for you.  (Cue that crappy song in your head)  I will make it my duty each and every day to help you recognize that there is no person more important to me than you.  I freaking love you.

...and there. I smile every single time I read it. 


Don't most little girls dream about wearing their mom's wedding dress on their own wedding day?
Well, Rebecca did
Their first look:
Rebecca has such a special relationship with her dad. It was so sweet to see how much he loved his daughter, and how warmly he welcomed Nate into their family.
And about that whole "perfect location" thing...

Mr. and Mrs!
A few reception details...
Mason jars, candles, hydrangeas, handwritten place cards...
Every single girl deserves a husband who looks this happy.
Rebecca, he really loves you :)

Here's a slideshow of their wedding day! Enjoy!

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georgia b. said...

oh, my goodness!! this was a beautiful wedding. and you captured it so perfectly, sherah. what a pretty wedding album they are going to have!