Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Two years ago, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I wrote this little letter to Charlie (who was yet to be born!).

Last year, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I wrote another letter to 9-month-old Charlie.

Now, here's another letter to our almost 2-year-old!

dear Charlie-warlie,

You're delighted with blinking lights, evergreen trees, and all things Christmas. I took you to the mall today, and you smashed your face against the railing, staring with baby-wonder at the giant Christmas tree towering above you. Back at home, we put up our own Christmas tree, and you literally ran in circles, you were so excited. 

You woke up from your nap with messy hair and pink cheeks. You wore bright blue socks with skid protectors on the bottoms, because your feet usually move too fast for your body. I talk a lot about how you're a persnickety baby, and how you're a fussy napper (which is true)... but not enough about how smart you are. How funny you are. How handsome you are. How badly you need a haircut, but how I don't want to cut your hair, because you'll look too old. (Oy vey, tears. Really? I need to get to bed...)

Anyways -- I speak for your daddy and I when I say that we are thankful, thankful, thankful for you. It's cliche, but if you ever read this, you won't care. Kids want to hear how much their parents love them, right?


So, we love you. THIIIIIIIIIS MUCH. {{stretches arms out as wide as possible}}

(whenever I do that, you look at me sideways, giggle, and go back to playing with your trucks. all business.)


your momma.

p.s. here are a few pictures of some other things I'm thankful for. (I'm grateful for big, obvious things too, of course... but I'm also thankful that I've got the ability to be thankful for funny socks, and coffee, and big plans for a mantle that really don't mean too much in the light of eternity... and yet, they're still gifts, given to be enjoyed. What a huge blessing... 

Ok, sorry. On to the funny sock picture...)


Rochelle said...

What a sweet letter. :) I got a bit choked up... picturing all of this. And love the pictures!

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