Thursday, November 17, 2011

on: how I don't have it all together.

See this bowl? I really love this bowl. It was a wedding gift from a sweet coworker. It's been on my table ever since we got married. I really love this bowl. (Did I mention I really love this bowl?)

I think God noticed my love affair with that silly bowl, and decided He needed to teach me a teensy lesson. But first, a quick side-story.

I've been reading Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches. It's so, so good. Reading it makes me feel like I can do this whole momma thing. I got to this chapter where the author talks about stopping sibling fights (as if that's a problem for us right now... still, I liked what she had to say). Basically, instead of sending kids to their respective corners when they're fighting over a toy, or trying to get the "He Said, She Said" story out of each individual... what this mommy does (my paraphrase) is talk to them about the importance of people over things. She says that the emphasis should be placed on "maintaining fellowship" with each other -- and so, she asks her children, "Is that toy worth breaking fellowship with your brother/sister?" or "Isn't your sister/brother more valuable than that toy?" The point is, considering others is more important than getting your own way.

Alright. Back to the bowl.

Marty was fixing our dining room light the other night. He was fiddling with the cord, doing some rewiring. And then, CRASH! Down came the (heavy) chandelier. Right onto our dining room table. And, fatefully, sitting on top of our table was the aforementioned bowl... except now, it was shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.

My reaction was a bad one. I'll spare you the details.

But listen, here's the point: I was all proud of myself after reading that chapter in the book. "I'll just file that tidbit away for when my kids are fighting over a toy. Come on, kids. This is an important life lesson. No breaky-breaky the fellowship between you two. Cut it out, grow up, etc. etc. {all said in a wise, sage-like parental way}."

And here I was. Breaking fellowship with my husband, over a broken bowl.

I'm not sure how to wrap this story up... except to tell you that my love of pretty things is now 
(1) out in the open,
(2) one of my vices,
(3) in the works of changing.

Because people (particularly, husbands) are much more important than things.

Glad we got that all cleared up.

Also. If you happen to see a bowl like the one above... don't tell me about it. I'll be buying something unbreakable, or very ugly, instead :)


Michele said...

Love this. Still diligently rehearsing this lesson myself. Thanks for sharing.

Chick Hatchers said...

I'm so sorry about the bowl. I have the same confessions, believe me. It really is hard to put the relationship over things.

georgia b. said...

you truly crack me up.

i think i needed to see this... especially since isaac is getting to that stage where he could very easily ruin some things in the house. brac always teases him when he drools all over everything and says, "this why we can't have nice things!"

very wise teaching. it is such truth! i will definitely have to check that "loving the little years" out.

Katie G said...

I hate when things like that break, but you are totally right. It is such a small blip on the radar in the large scheme of things.

Rochelle said...

Thanks for your realness in this friend. You are always such a riot in the way you share it!

I admit I find myself often doing the same kind of thing... it would bode well for all of us to remember what really is important, even if that's a hard pill to swallow. :-/