Monday, November 21, 2011

monday morning

Monday's not hitting me too hard this morning. We left Charlie with my in-laws over the weekend, and I missed him. I didn't expect it -- FREEDOM FROM BABYVILLE had been calling my name all last week (it was a rough one) -- but all day Saturday, I heard his little voice in my head whenever we saw a Christmas tree (his current obsession), or when I watched little kids dancing at the wedding reception ("Marty! That'll be him someday. Awwwww!").

So today, when he woke up and climbed onto my lap with a book, I melted, and we snuggled. 

Apparently, getaways are good for a mommy's soul.

A few other items of note:

I really need to get new mascara (anyone have any good recommendations?). My current brand runs into my eyes and BURNS, causing giant, painful teardrops at the most inopportune times... like, for example, during the bride and groom's first dance on Saturday night. Yep, it sure was a touching moment. But the DJ was giving me the weirdest looks, because I was wiping my eyes and sniffling and blubbering all over the place. (It HURT. Stupid mascara.) Marty was shooting from another angle on the other side of the dance floor -- he came up to me later and said, "Wow, hun. You ok?"

Curse you, cheap tube of mascara.

Here's another good one: The night before the wedding, we ran over to the 24-hour WalMart at midnight because I needed a pair of pants for the next day. (I brought a skirt, but the forecast was chilly and windy. Not conducive to skirt-wearing.) Typically, I really, really dislike WalMart. (Trying to avoid the "hate" word here, but it's a close one.) Not for snobby reasons. (I've heard people say they won't shop there because of white trash, or because it smells bad. oh PLEASE.) Nope, it's not that. WalMart and I have a history of bad run-ins. I can never find what I want. I always run into crabby people there. The lines are long. Charlie threw his first shopping tantrum in a WalMart checkout line. etc. etc. (So really, WalMart, don't take it personally. It's not you. It's me.)

Anyways, I found one (count it -- ONE) pair of pants that might work. There were two different sizes that could have fit me... and no one in the place who could open the stinkin' dressing room. (It's midnight, people. Come on, WalMart employees, get on it. Doesn't everyone go shopping pants-shopping at WalMart, at MIDNIGHT?)

So, I bought the smaller size.

(Wrong move, chica. Lay off the pop tarts.)

I wore my skirt the next day.

And that, my friends, is the sum total of my slightly-awkward weekend wedding moments. 

Wedding pictures, coming up soon!


Rochelle said...

Ughhh so sorry friend about those awkward wedding moments!! :( i wish I could help in the mascara thing, but I've never been pleased with the ones I've bought either. Walmart is definitely not for everyone. I don't mind it too much, esp the super one that just opened near our house. It's sooooo much better. :)

So glad you got to have a weekend getaway, despite missing Charlie. I can't believe how much taking care of Parker for 2 days made me miss him SO much more than I ever thought possible. And I'm sure you & Monica will have lots to talk about when you guys catch up next. :)

Love you friend!! Happy Thanksgiving - so incredibly thankful for you!!!

Katie G said...

I have a mascara suggestion. I use "maybelline lash stylist". It does not have a traditional wand, but I LOVE it. I don't have any problems with it stinging/hurting me. I get the regular (not waterproof) and I don't really have problems with smudging, etc.

I think it's worth a shot.