Monday, August 22, 2011

i *heart* one-year-olds

Charlie was a tough baby.
He had his sweet moments.
But he was also very difficult.
Because of the tough first year we had with our little guy,
I'm loving him as a one-year-old.

One-year-olds are squishy, and curious, and funny.
They can eat pretty much whatever you eat.
They mimic what you say.
They're learning at a rate of 1,000,000,000 M.P.H.
They say funny things.
{For example, Charlie is always trying to say "Seat."
But his "s" becomes a "sh."
And his "eat" becomes an "it."
Put it together... ... ... ...yeah.
I'm constantly shushing him in the grocery store.}

Above and below are pictures of another adorable, brand-new one-year-old.
She's the daughter of my sweet friend, Heidi.
This little girlie smiles at everything,
which made our little photo shoot easy as pie!

See the tutu Heidi found?
I need to have a little girl,
and I will buy her 10,000 of these cute little tutus.

For any photographers/nerds {like myself},
this is the first shoot that I edited completely in Lightroom {as opposed to Photoshop}.
I've got a long ways to go,
but -- can you tell?-- 
I love the b&w presets. 
They are so stinkin' beautiful! :)
since Lightroom costs significantly less than Photoshop,
I'm a huge fan.
More on Lightroom later, I think...

Happy Monday!


Rochelle said...

soooo cute!!!

please teach me anything you figure out about lightroom. i'm a total photoshop dummy but i have elements (the scaled down/cheaper version of lightroom) and i'm clueless. i can't even get started. i just stare at it. :'( sad.

Sherah said...

Hey Roe! Want to know a true story? Whenever I get stuck, I look up How-To videos on YouTube. Amazing. :D But yep, we'll do a LR demo together sometime!

Diane P said...

yeah... ask your husband about his 'fire truck' days!

georgia b. said...

oh, gosh... melt my heart!

makes me want a gilr!!! mr. b will not be happy that i saw this! =)