Monday, August 15, 2011

family vacay 2011

I'm a lucky lady.
I've got four separate sets of family,
all incredibly sweet and wonderful
in their own ways :)
Marty's mom's side.
Marty's dad's side.
My dad's side.
And my mom's side.

Every year, in August,
we head up north with my mom's side of the family
to the northwoods of Minnesota:
It's, by far, the best vacation ever.
Maybe, if you're not very "wilderness-y," you might not love it.
But I'm not very "wilderness-y," and I LOVE IT!!!!
I love it even more, because of the people I get to spend the week with:
{...and this is only half of the family. 
We were missing the other half, due to jobs, new babies, and some crazy house-buying going on!}

{Music for the slideshow comes from my awesome uncle, Phil Berwick! Check out his website:}

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Rochelle said...

Love that you had such a good time! Next time pack me away in your suitcase please!! ;)