Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a whole year

It's midnight. My little guy turns one year old today.

If I had half a brain, I'd write a witty blog post about life with a one-year-old, or how crazy it is that a year with Charlie went by so fast {or slow?}, or about some of my favorite memories from this past year {teaching Marty how to explode peeps in the microwave, maybe? holding Charlie for the first time? yep, definitely up there with those peeps...}

Instead, I'm a ball of mush. Tired, floppy, brainy mush. I had a million things to do tonight to get ready for little Charles's big day tomorrow {you know, the day he's going to remember so much about}, and instead, all I did was make a big, blue frosting mess in the kitchen, watch my husband sweep the floor, and poke around on the computer, editing pictures and making slideshows that are really, totally unnecessary. I've got this urge to do something monumental, since, well, this is sort of a monumental day. And instead, all I've done is stay up late, and turn into a crab. {poor Marty.}

Happy birthday, Charlie-warlie, from your mush-brain mommy and your patient daddy.

psssst. You're our favorite :)

{Click here for a little slideshow I put together of Charlie's first 365 days.}

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Monica Gee said...

Your post made me laugh. The slideshow made me cry. You're the whole package, my dear. Much love to you and your family on this very special day!