Friday, February 4, 2011

true life, dude.

Sometimes, I feel really bad when I read other people's blogs. I get really down on myself, and subconsciously start saying silly things:

Look how cool that person is. She created her very own china cabinet out of sugar cubes, spray-painted it magenta, and then posted a tutorial with step-by-step photos so that the rest of the world can relish in her creativity and see how pulled-together she is.


She makes her own delicious baby food out of guavas and lima beans? I don't even know what a guava looks like. I'm a terrible mom. My child will now squander in utter malnourishment, because I don't know how to make that mystical guava/lima bean concoction.

{Totally overblown, but you get the idea.}

I blame myself, not other people, for these assumptions I'm making. No one is trying to project themselves as a perfect, look-at-me-I'm-the-bomb-dot-com person {I hope}. Instead, I see what other people are doing, and then flail my arms and run around in circles because I'm, well, not doing the same thing, too.

But, you see -- preaching to myself here -- I've been given a specific set of gifts and abilities. I can make lists like crazy. I get things DONE. I can glance at a paragraph and spot all of its grammatical mistakes in less than ten seconds. I can sometimes take pretty pictures. I can paint {with anything but watercolors. I hate watercolors. the end.}

etc. etc.


I can't make myself enjoy making pureed baby food. {I'll DO it. But I won't enjoy it. Sorry. I think it's boring.}

I can't build a china cabinet... out of sugar cubes, or any other porous material.

I can't really meal-plan well, or figure out how to organize my basement, or handle more than one child at a time {ha!}, or enjoy cleaning toilets {or anything, for that matter}, or strike up a witty conversation with a stranger sitting next to me, or play an instrument in front of a crowd without getting nervous, or... or... or...

{the list goes on}

So, I've come to a conclusion. You all keep doing what you're doing. You know... blogging, living, blogging about how you're living, etc.

And I will (1) be thankful that I have access to such an incredible group of creative, lovely people {both in the blog world, and in my face-to-face relationships}; (2) learn from your creative, lovely awesomeness; and (3) be happy with who I am.

My pastor says that, when in doubt, always err on the side of humility. And, since I'm in need of boatloads of grace {James 4:6}, I'm off to eat some humble pie.

Happy Friday!

p.s. Here are some of the cupcakes I made for Charlie's birthday party. They were fun to look at, and made our mouths turn blue :)


Chick Hatchers said...

I have the same complex when I see all the things other people do with their talents when I feel like I have yet to know what talents God has given me. There is so much I do that I simply don't enjoy and would really like to enjoy it!

It took me a while to internalize that most people portray the things they are good at and that go well in their lives without boasting. They are simply sharing what they enjoy and what may be useful to others. Some of those things I skim now rather than fully read, knowing what I take away from it.

Your cupcakes look beautiful and I'm sure you all enjoyed consuming them!

Rochelle said...

i. totally. love. you.

love your honesty and humor here. :) i'm so proud of you for coming to a place where you can be happy with who you are. because golly-jeepers, you are just one of the best people on the planet. i'm amazed that YOU have insecurities about anything - you always seem to have it all together. ;) so it's good to know that you are human too lol!

seriously though, it's so easy to get caught up in what others can do nowadays - we just can't let Satan attack us like that, but wow it's so easy to get caught up in telling ourselves we're not any good because we can't do this thing or that thing. i'm glad you are focusing on what you CAN do. and those cupcakes look a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

love you friend!!