Monday, January 10, 2011

a memory

My dear Aunt Nora went to be with Jesus last night, after a long battle with cancer. I don't think I've ever posted a picture of her before, but her grandkids and daughters make frequent appearances on this little blog.

There are people writing beautiful, true things about her, at this very moment, all over the world. she trusted God completely. she cared about other people so much, even when she was in pain. she prayed faithfully for specific things, and then praised God when He answered her. she sang with our worship team in front of church, faithfully, every Sunday. she loved Jesus.
...and how she inspired so many people to love Jesus more {myself included}. she loved loved loved her husband, her daughters, her grandchildren, and her son-in-laws.

She was an amazing woman, and I don't say that lightly. Where other people would have despaired, where someone else would have faltered, and when dark news came... she trusted. She thanked God. She was obedient.

When I think of my Aunt Nora, here's the memory that comes to mind:

I'm a little girl, sleeping over at my cousin Katie's house. We stayed up late the night before, eating candy and watching movies, and now it's early morning, and I stumble down the stairs, looking for breakfast. To my left is the kitchen, but to my right is the dining room, and past that, the living room. And there's Aunt Nora. She's sitting on the corner of the couch, Bible open on her lap, cup of coffee on the mug warmer on top of the radiator.

That image is forever imprinted in my mind. Aunt Nora, studying her Bible early in the morning, every morning that I slept over at my cousin's house. She had no idea what she was impressing on her little niece: the importance of faithful, regular time spent with Jesus every morning.

My Aunt Nora left an incredible legacy. Her daughters, her grandchildren, the lives she impacted, and the clear memory of her faith are precious, living gifts.

Thank you God, for Nora Speziale.


Chick Hatchers said...

That is just so absolutely beautiful and so true. Nora touched more lives here and shared God's love more than anyone here will ever really know. We see what people have written and shared about her, but there are so many more poeople with whom she had just a moment of contact with here and there in her life - and she truly followed Jesus' example to love each other. Jesus lived in her and through her and I just wish I would have known her longer. May God bless you abundantly through what you learned from her example.

georgia b. said...

i'm sorry for your loss. you have written beautifully about her, though.

i want to be known for the same things when i go meet Jesus face to face.

Rochelle said...

She sounds like she was such a lovely person! Oh how my heart breaks for your loss but rejoices in heaven's gain! What sweet words you've written about her! And indeed, what a great legacy she left!

Love, hugs, and prayers to you dear friend!