Wednesday, January 5, 2011

resolutions: on hospitality

The {blurry} picture below was taken on January 19, 2010. We had just moved into our new/old house, and we had my two grandmas, my great-uncle, and my aunt over to celebrate my mom's birthday. If you look closely, you'll note that my scarf is hiding a ginormous belly bump. {Charlie was born 13 days later.}

For the record, I am not a well-seasoned hostess. I'm never sure which knife to use to cut the cake, or how many cups will be enough, or whether that roast is big enough for the guests we just spontaneously invited over for dinner. I forget to put out salt and pepper, my ice cube trays are usually empty, and there are crumbs under my dining room table.

But January 19, 2010, was the first time I officially hosted guests in our home. I waddled around, pulling out the wrong dishes and making too much coffee, and we celebrated my beautiful, happy mom. I'm pretty sure no one remembers that I forgot to put sugar in the sugar bowl, or that we ran out of creamer. When January 19, 2011, rolls around, we'll say, "Hey, remember last year, when we went to Sherah and Marty's house and had a birthday party for Mom?" Imperfection is blissfully erased by time... most of the time.

My point?

Theoretically speaking: Few {if any} things in this life are perfect. But perfection doesn't matter. People do.

Practically speaking: Come on over for dinner. And don't mind the crumbs... I'll try not to, either.



Rochelle said...

Awwww what a sweet post! Indeed, people are all that matters. Perfection doesn't matter... but man it sure is hard to remember that when having people over! I love hosting, feel like a well-seasoned hostess, and still mess all that up too. Never fear, you aren't alone. ;)

Pat Gerace said...

A had a bit of spare time and read this posting. What a difference a year makes. When you wrote this how would you ever have known that one year later on your mom's birthday her beloved sister would move on to meet Jesus. Everyone would have sat on a mountain of crumbs to have had this day back again!
Alway remember "If they are coming to see you - they won't care about how clean your house is. If they are coming to see your house - it wont matter how clean it is" I learned this lesson toooo late in life- you can learn it sooner !