Friday, June 19, 2009

a list or two...

A few birthday favorites:
1. Fresh flowers
2. Shopping with sisters
3. Dinner at a tiny italian restaurant
4. Serenades from coworkers
5. Balloons
6. Rainy, billowy clouds
7. Pellegrino
8. Sweet notes
9. Surprises
10. Birthday candles

{I've been a bit off the radar lately...}
But I'll be back soon,
right after a weekend of
french markets
celebrating dad


Rochelle said...

you're so cute :) love that list! thanks again for sharing your yummy strawberries today and hanging out for some storm-watching! love that I know where to hide now if a tornado hits us! ;)

happiest of birthdays to you, dear friend!!!!

georgia b. said...


i got a facebook reminder that your birthday was coming up, and i forgot to swing by and wish you a happy b-day.

so i'm doing it now. happy birthday, sherah!!!

big birthday hug.

Sherah said...

Roe and Georgia, thanks for the birthday wishes :)