Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leah : Senior!

Hey bloggy friends! We're back from vacation, but things are so crazy, I haven't even had time to upload the pictures of the trip from my camera... so in the meantime, here's a super-fun senior session I just finished editing!

Meet Leah:

Isn't she purty? ;)

We had to cancel our first shoot, due to icky rain, but the second day we picked was sunny and picture-perfect! Chicago is such a fun place to shoot: there's the obvious urban background, but then you can plop down in Grant park and it looks like you're in the middle of the country! Love it! :)

**Click HERE** to see the slideshow!

(A huge thanks to Erin and Stacia for being the popcorn-experts/purse-holders/newly-engaged-couple-spotters/etc.etc.etc.!)


Erin_Speziale said...

Oh my goodnessss!! These are "too beautifullll"! She is going to have a whole heap of trouble picking just a few to print out... oh man. I don't even know which ones are my favorite cause they're all so good! Actually, the one's behind the pavilion are simply gorgeous! (Oh man, remember that creeper?! Wait, did you see him? He was like, right above us... it was definitely creepifying. Sherah, why do we always attract creepers? In practically every photoshoot?) Haha, the ones in all the dandelions... they turned out really cute! Haha, classic!

Great job Sherah! Except, you did start out with an exceptionally beautiful girl! :)

Sherah said...

Erin, why DO we attract all the creepers? Freaky!! ;) And yep, Stacia's dandelion shots turned out fantastic. For real, I think they're my favorites of the whole shoot! She's a genius, that girl... :D

Cathy said...

I am speechless! Ok, well, maybe not totally speechless, but pretty close to it! I just love every single one of these pictures. And you're right about the of those pics are one of my favorites (the one where she's laughing)! Sherah, you are amazing. Thank you so much for doing this shoot for us. I can't see anything but success with your photography business!

Georgia B. said...

beautiful girl.
beautiful photos.
every shoot you get better and better! and you started out so good!