Tuesday, December 2, 2008

List time

The lovely Georgia tagged me today. (She's an incredibly talented designer who I used to work with. Check out her blog. You will love it.) The instructions? "List six quirky and uninteresting things about yourself." I don't usually do this sort of thing, but Georgia is amazing. And so I will comply. (*Note: Somehow, she managed to make her list of apparently insignificant things seem very, very significant. It's unlikely that I'll be as successful as she. Here goes...)

#1 - I'm convinced that dogs can smile. For example...

See? Totally smiling.

#2 - Painting your nails. Pretty? Yes. Time waster? Most definitely. Which is why my nails are always plain-jane neutral :)

#3 - I'm afraid to have children, because my relatives keep having babies that are completely adorable. All the cute genes have to be gone by now, used up on kiddos like this little guy...

#4 - I love waking up early on Saturday mornings. Crazy? Maybe. But the beautiful luxury of knowing I have an entire day to do whatever I want is one of the best feelings in the world. I took the picture below this past summer, at 9am on a Saturday; I was sitting on a picnic bench by a pond, sipping a passion iced tea from Starbucks and working on an editing project. It was a picture-perfect day (and given Chicago's recent onslaught of snow, it seems even more perfect).

#5 - Loud noises terrify me.

#6 - My family is obsessed with hockey. My sister and I played college hockey at Bethel U in St. Paul. Luke plays AAA u18 hockey for Team Illinois. And my youngest bro just started outdoor hockey at the YMCA. Marty and I are avid hockey-game attendees (despite the fact that most hockey rinks have terrible coffee... you know I love hockey if I put up with that).

My uncle, me, sister, and aunt, in-between periods at one of the four games we went to this past weekend.

Ta-daa! Completely un-interesting, but there you have it!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

not so!
these were very interesting and a delight to read.

oh, my goodness. i am now convinced as well. dogs DO smile. that is THEEE cutest picture.

i couldn't agree with you more about the nail polish. but they sure are fun to have every once in a while!

thanks for doing this. it was fun to do mine, and even funner to tag others and see what they come up with.

(oh, thanks for the sweet shout out, too. you are too kind.)

funny how we are communicating more through blogs than we ever did while worked together. had i known you were such the artist, i would have made more of a point, i'm sure. all the same, i'm glad we are connecting now.

have a blessed week!


Alyssa said...

i love your pictures! so cool!
love you