Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas cheer!

So, who knew that when you buy a gift from Anthropologie, they give you the cutest box/ribbon combo to wrap your present with?! I'm in love:

And here's some festive cheer from our cozy abode... (check out the funky lens flare!)

Hope your holiday season is off to a merry start!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with your fireplace! i looks so cozy!

when should we be over for hot cocoa?

Erin said...


Man, Christmas stuff looks so out of place! They play Christmas music in the lobby and have 3 trees and each time I pass by them I'm confused, I'm like "Christmas, in the summer?!?!" HAHA!

Joy said...

Uh, HELLO? Why did I not know that you have a photography blog? Silly silly girl.

I love the one under "Thanksgiving eve." I love all of them, but I paused especially long on that one.

Sherah said...

Georgia: you can come anytime! Although we've got approx. 300 sq. feet of living space. Meaning we can only squeeze in 2 visitors at a time ;)

Erin: Aren't you in heaven? I keep scheming, trying to get Marty to take me back to Hawaii. Hope you're loving it :)

Joy: I'm totally intimidated by the incredible photographers I know (your best friend included). So I keep this blog thing really low-key. And btw... LOVED that post on where you're living. Pictures soon?!