Wednesday, March 14, 2012

thankful: a short list

Biggest problem yesterday: 
Trying to figure out how to get Charlie through a doctor's visit, while singlehandedly holding him down so our doctor could check his ears for an infection.
(Great news! No recurring ear infection.)
(Bad news! A brand-new bronchial infection. More antibiotics, please.)

Biggest problem today:
Trying to convince Charlie that his short sleeves really don't need to reach all the way down to his wrists.
(He kept crying and trying to pull his sleeves down, all the way until I put his jacket on.)

I love how, sometimes, problems change for the better.

Also, when the weather is gorgeous, having a sick child isn't quite as bad. I just take him outside when he cries; the sunshine somehow makes it ok.

And so, I'm thankful for breezy, sunshiney-days.
Short sleeves.
And yes, antibiotics. Lots and lots of antibiotics.

"Mom. Stop taking my picture. I'm sick. Goodbye."
{That's when he fell off the chair. Not kidding.}

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Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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