Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 years

Four years feels like an eternity.
(If I told that to my mentor, she'd laugh. She's been married for over fifty.)

Four years ago, I...
didn't know a thing about home reconstruction.
didn't own a good camera.
had a 9-5 desk job.
was wondering who would win the November 2008 election
(but didn't care because I was going to Hawaii BABY!
...and had no idea 2 babies were in my somewhat-immediate future).
didn't know how to cook.
didn't really take risks.
owned a convertible.
only did my own laundry.
didn't know how to garden.
didn't know how to share.
didn't know how to love.

Happy fourth anniversary, 
to Marty,
the man who turned my life upside-down
in the very best way possible


Rochelle said...

Awww happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples ever!!!! Love you guys SO much!

Grammy JuJu said...

ntYou guys still look so much in love. It's so cute. Enjoy each day (cause I know you will)!