Monday, December 12, 2011

hair cut.

This is my sweet little boy, right after naptime:

(I cut his hair, all by myself, right after I took these pictures. 
Can you believe how badly he needed a haircut?!)

I probably shouldn't have attempted a solo-haircut, right after taking these pictures,
given the dreadful foreboding of this dagger-like glance, directed straight at me:

And this was him saying, "No. No. NO."
As in, "Stop taking my picture."
So I stopped.
And then I cut his hair. 
Afterwards, there were hair clippings, 
orange peels, 
melted MnM's, 
Christmas mints, 
and wet towels 
all over the bathroom.
Memories were most definitely made.
(Now, I'm off to google "Humane straight-jackets for children, for moms attempting DIY haircuts.")

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