Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cathia and Bret :: Married!

Remember this post from last month, when I introduced you to Cathia?
Well, here's her beautiful wedding day, in pictures!

{**** click here to see a slideshow of the wedding day! ****}

I first met Bret in October of this year, when the three of us met to go over wedding details. We sat inside a 50's-style diner, and over burgers and fries, I told him -- twice -- that he was the luckiest guy in the world, because he was marrying Cathia. (He wholeheartedly agreed with me, by the way.)

Cathia and Bret are both in the military. They're tough, and they're passionate. They really, really love each other. If you watched the slideshow at the top of this post, notice Bret's expressions whenever he looks at Cathia. It's like his eyes are saying, "This woman is my treasure."

What a privilege to spend their wedding day with them and their family. Marty and I loved every single minute of it.
And now... a few behind-the-scenes shots from the day. 
Some of these are ridiculously embarrassing. 
Just being real here, yo. 
We like not taking ourselves too seriously.
(Can I also say that Marty is an absolute saint for being willing to shoot weddings with me? He knows that I boss him around, and stress out about stupid things, and pace like a madwoman... and he still plugs away, taking awesome pictures and setting up off-camera flashes and running to get bouquets and making faces at me from across the aisle. I love him.)

And... Steak N Shake celebration.
It was a very long, and very awesome day, indeed.

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Rochelle said...

such great pictures!!! you are so hilarious, seriously. i love how real and down to earth you guys are - but even when you look "embarrassing" or are doing something silly, you still manage to look totally cool & rad. for realz. you should stop worrying about it so much because you pull it all off very well, you guys are such cool people. :)