Saturday, July 17, 2010

easy {sort of} peasy

As a new parent, I'm always afraid of saying, "Things are getting easier." Because, you know, the second you think you've got things under control... your child decided to pee everywhere, during the two seconds you have his diaper off. {Sorry Uncle Luke...}

But, I have to admit that things are getting a little {little!!} bit easier, now that we have a 5-month-old instead of a newborn. Easier... as in,

(1) we no longer rock our infant to sleep for two hours every night.
(2) when baby cries, we {most of the time} know what he wants.
(3) we can take long walks with the stroller, and he {usually} is super happy to sit, suck on his pluggy, and watch the trees go by.
(4) he can be distracted with toys, spoons, flashing lights, or anything that's really chewable.
(5) he laughs at us. {bliss!}

Now, I don't want to hear it from any "veteran" parents who are all, "Oh, just wait until he's potty-training." Or, "Yeah? Well, he's not talking back yet," or, "Betcha can't wait until he throws his first tantrum in the grocery store." Pfssshh. Cut this momma some slack. I'm just happy my child is sleeping for a four-hour stretch every night.

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Chick Hatchers said...

I'm so glad this age is being good for you! It's easier as you get the hang of it, as you're finding out (otherwise everyone would be an only child!)

Every stage has it's own challenges, but also it's own joys and those are NEW joys and it's neat. And they *do* eventually stop going during diaper changes (but your reflexes will still be there. You'll chuckle over it in a year, that you're still prepared even though he long stopped doing that!)