Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, hello there, long lost blog...

Since I last posted:
*we successfully survived two 20+ hour car rides with a 3 month old.
*I unpacked our suitcases. {trust me. you should be impressed.}
*I've discovered that my husband is an absolute grill expert. {yum.}
*I've just now uploaded my pictures from the last two months onto the computer. {can you say backlogged?}
*I've learned the hard way that giant slimy slugs are attracted to sweet yummy basil plants. especially if you leave them on ground level. {boo.}
*I start my days off with time alone with God. Everything else can be thrown off-kilter, but yikes, if I miss that time with my coffee, bible, and journal in the big white armchair? Write the day off as a failure. It really matters that much.
*We have successfully eradicated our house of spiders. {Now, on to the big fat black/blue wasp things that are bumbling around. Gross, right?}
*Charlie is just starting to laugh. {bliss.}
*I can successfully run for 30 minutes straight, without stopping, falling over, or throwing up. {rawr.}
*I can write that last sentence, and then laugh at myself, because I'm now planning on eating a bag of chips to celebrate...

Coming up: a week of pictures from our Florida trip. Enjoy!


Rochelle said...

Well hello back at ya, friend! Soooo glad to see a new post from you! :) This brought me a big smile and a wee bit of giggling!

*very impressed by your trip to FL and that you survived w/ sanity intact! and that you unpacked!
*bummer about all your bug-thingys around your house, boohiss!
*good for you for learning how you have to start your day! wish i could pick up on that.
*awww can't wait to hear him laugh! :)
*running 30 min straight is awesome, yay for you! me... i'd be hurling.
*enjoy your chips and eat some for me!! :)

miss you and can't wait to see you again!

Chick Hatchers said...

I totally second what Rochelle said!

And what tips can you suggest for spider-eradication? We've had them for years and I really would like them gone once and for all. The garage is LOADED with them!

Sherah said...

We got rid of most of our spiders by running a dehumidifier in our basement. Marty says that without the moisture, they go and find other places to camp out... I hope he's right, but for sure, I haven't seen many spiders at all around here!