Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday, I was bemoaning my idealistic tendencies to my mom.

"Really mom. I hate birthdays because I'm always disappointed. I have these crazy-high expectations, and they just get blasted to pieces, every year."

My mom is really wise. She laughed a little, leaned over {like she was about to give away a secret}, and said, "Here's what you do: on your birthday, thank God that you were born. Thank Him for the blessing you have been in so many people's lives. Thank Him for the joy you've been able to bring to so many people, and for what an incredible, unique individual you are."

She leaned back in her chair. "It's a hard thing to do. But if you can keep that perspective, you'll have a great birthday, no matter what happens."


I woke up to a gurgling baby and his daddy, singing "Happy birthday to you" in that familiar scratchy morning voice.


And then, I came downstairs and saw the giant poster:


Underneath, in small print, Marty had written seven reasons why 25 is way better than 24 {including "cheaper car rental" and "you won't get carded as much"}, along with fun facts about June 19th...

1988: world's largest sausage made (13 miles long)
1981: world's heaviest orange recorded (2.5 kg)
1862: US congress prohibits slavery, nullifying the Dred Scott decision
1903: Lou Gehrig was born
1623: Blaise Pascal was born
1985: YOU were born!


Today, I went to a bridal shower, diverted construction traffic, drove with the convertible top down, had dinner with Marty at one of my favorite restaurants in the world, participated in a Walk for Life, got a free car wash, drank Starbuck's, decided to switch from PC to Mac {gah!}, chatted with my mother-in-law, snuggled with my sisters, was blessed with the company of parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, and one very special grandma, opened presents, held my giggling baby, and ate so much that my stomach hurt.


Year 25 looks like an almost 5-month-old baby who will grow to an almost 18-month-old toddler.
Year 25 looks like a third year of marriage to my best friend.
Year 25 looks like a house that's turning from "livable" to "home."
Year 25 looks like remembering to treasure family and friends above my "to-do" list.
Year 25 looks like knowing God better.
Year 25 looks like running a half marathon.
Year 25 looks like learning to be a better parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.
Year 25 looks like squeezing every single drop of goodness from every single moment.

Here's to year 25...

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Monica Gee said...

This is such an awesome post. I feel EXACTLY the same way about birthdays. Your mom really is wise! Now, if I can just manage to remember what she said on my upcoming birthday. :-) Thanks for sharing!