Thursday, April 8, 2010

two months

At today's two-month checkup, Charlie weighed in at just under seventeen pounds, and the doctor definitely asked if we've been feeding him Miracle Grow. I mentioned something about Charlie being "chubby," and the doctor said, "Oh no, not chubby. We like to say that he's 'healthy.'"

Here's to "healthy" baby boys!


Chick Hatchers said...

Sounds like you have a good pediatrician!

Sharon said...

He is adorable... We have a blog too of all of our grandkids and only someone who has a password can see it.

cathy said...

Let me at those cheeks!!!!

Rochelle said...

i. love. him.

just in case you didn't know. ;) see my post from today. i'm going to steal him when you aren't looking, haha!

miss you so. so. much. love you dear friend!

{{hugs}} and give your "healthy/chubby" kiddo a hug from auntie roe for me too. :)

Joy said...

Chubby cheeks! I want to squish me some cushy chubby Charlie cheeks! Keep him nice and squishy until I get to meet him.