Wednesday, October 28, 2009


On my mind at the moment:

Blogging: I've been miserable at it. Enough said.

New windows: ...are going in at the house! {3 down, 8 more to go. my father-in-law is a rockstar. and Marty works at the house till 2am on lots of nights. Me? I just putter around and feed the guys lots of pizza.}

My Dad: It's his birthday today. I really love him.

Archery: My Dad's birthday activity of choice. {Seriously.}

Me at an archery range: Not sure the instructors will know how to handle a pregnant woman with a large belly. Ahem.

Les Miserables: Marty's all-time favorite play. {Did you know he majored in technical theater and design?} We're going to see the show tomorrow night. I'm excited, because of how excited he is :)

Cloudy days: I think there's something wrong with my brain. Because, for the second day in a row, I was ridiculously happy about taking hour-long walks under an overcast sky.

Little chocolate shops: I stopped by one today to buy nonpariels and double-dipped maltballs for my Dad's birthday. Oh, yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. I could stay in there for hours and just sniff the carmels and chocolates.

New computer monitor: It's black, and shiny, and skinny. It also blows out of the water any excuse I have for not editing that last photo shoot.

iMac: Speaking of shiny and skinny... I took a stroll down the Apple aisle while we were waiting for the salesman to grab the monitor from the back. Holy Toledo. I think I almost convinced Marty to forget the new monitor... what about dropping a few extra bucks {or so} on a macbook pro? Yes, yes, my really great, spiffylicious, accomodating husband-man?

Denied: My plea for a Mac. {Apparently, for my husband, things like food, clothing, and shelter take precedence over smashingly-awesome computer systems. Psshh. Whatever.}

One of my family members has gently pointed out that I was a bit misleading in my comments above... regarding the lovely little macbook I stumbled upon at the store. And since I'm going for honesty here, I have to set the record straight: really, truly, all I probably have to do is say the word, and a shiny, skinny, spiffy mac would appear, wrapped in a big fat red bow, from Marty to me.

Because Marty is the generous one. Money doesn't really matter to him. He's responsible, but he doesn't blink when he spends $5 or $500. When we wrote a monster check for the down-payment on our house... he smiled.

And I nearly fainted.

Because I am the penny-pincher. I'm the budgeter, the saver, the "hide your money in the sock drawer" kind of person. I'm absolutely terrified of what would happen if I ever said, "Hun, I really think we should get that macbook." Because, holy cow, he'd go out and actually GET IT.

So, yes, in the name of responsibility, I suppose you could say that Marty would say No to a brand-new Mac system. And it's true, I did prance up and down the aisle, rationalizing why "we really should get one, don't you think, my spiffylicious husband-guy??" But, in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "Nope, nada, no way." Because I knew, in the back of his mind, he was thinking, "Sure, hey, why not?"

Twisted, yes? But also very true.

p.s. This is why it's good to have relatives read your blog. They'll tap you on the shoulder when you write something that's just a bit off... and you've always got someone obligated to laugh at your not-so-funny jokes ;)


The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

Where is this little chocolate shop with double dipped malted milk balls? I think my dad needs some too! Yeah.. my dad.

Sherah said...

Graham's Chocolates in downtown Wheaton! So good!! :D

Rochelle said...

You are toooooo funny! And yeah, Marty would totally drop what he was doing and get that for you... you are so much more the penny pincher/but dreamer for sure!

Seriously love that you tried out the archery anyway!

Next lunch hour I think we need to make a trip to downtown Wheaton to the stork crade store place and Graham's for a chocolate fest. Yummers.

Had such a blast today with you at lunch, friend. I cannot wait to meet your little guy!

Katie Newman said...

Um, photos of baby bump please :) I hope you're doing well!

Diane Piquette said...

I'm going to have to send you some Truffles from the Chocolate Garden! You will faint. A tad rich. You pretty much have to cut in half.