Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In college, I had a friend who took a basic photography class during fall semester. About halfway through October, when autumn leaves were in brilliant display around campus, the prof had had enough. She told her class, "I don't want to see another picture of a leaf. I'm sick of looking at leaves. No more leaf pictures!"

{All that to say, my friend's professor would not like this post.}

Sometimes, I wish I lived in California, or Florida, or even Texas, where warm temps and golden-girl sunshine last all year long. But then I read a few blog posts written by California photographers who are dying for sweaters and woolly socks and a real reason to sip hot lattes at the coffee shop.

And then there's yesterday, when my sweet sister called from Minnesota and told me that it had been snowing there.

All. day. long.

Poor Minnesota!


I am counting my blessings, putting on my little jacket, and going for a walk in the crispy-crunchy fall weather that makes people from California and Minnesota jealous of us Chicagoans...

{for once!}