Thursday, August 20, 2009

IKEA love

True life confession: I love IKEA.

We've currently got some major renovation work going on at our house. And since I'm totally useless when it comes to sledgehammers and drywall, I've turned my focus towards obviously more important things: paint colors, furniture configuration, and kitchen cabinets.

Marty and I have lived in a 400 square foot apartment for the last year and a half. Cute? Yes. Cozy? Sure. But the only substantial pieces of furniture we own are a small couch and a queen-size bed. Which means that when it comes to furnishing a house, we've got about half of our smallest bedroom covered. Fantastic.

Enter IKEA, home-decorating-and-furnishing-on-a-budget-store extraordinnaire.

I love the giant blue warehouses, the cart escalators, the maze-like floor plan (does anyone else always get lost there? I carry around a silly map, and still can't figure out where I am), the beautiful fabrics, the decorating possibilities... but most of all, I love that you can grab a vanilla ice cream cone for 99 cents on your way out the door. Seriously, how genius is that?

This weekend, I'll be vacuuming up plaster at the house for an hour or two... and then my sister and I are making the trip to IKEA for a peek at floor rugs, armchairs, textured curtains, and 99 cent ice cream cones.

I hope your weekend is equally blissful ;)


CZ said...

I was just there yesterday. But instead of the ice cream cone, my favorite treat is the Lingonberry juice! Yum. Enjoy :)

Monica Gee said...

We were just there last night! One piece of advice - don't go anywhere near closing time. Not a pleasant line experience. I'd also recommend Harlem Room Place furniture outlet in Lombard - we got a way better deal on a slightly damaged (still cant figure out how exactly) sofa couch than we could have gotten at IKEA. Although, no ice cream or cinnamon rolls. So, its a toss up! :-)

Sherah said...

Christina, I need to try the Lingonberry juice! Maybe this weekend :)

Monica, thanks for the tips. I think I was there at closing once, too. It was quite unpleasant, from what I remember! I've never been to Harlem Room Place, so we'll definitely check it out!

Rochelle said...

ahhh, IKEA rocks. except for the bouncy/make-you-dizzy floors when the store is packed. love the Swedish meatball smell. genius. love that place. happy shopping...and bouncing! :)